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The Story Behind

…Supporting African Food and Agriculture Markets

The mission statement of BuyAgric Initiative stems from the founders interaction with Producers (Farmers) who after production have challenge with getting optimum profit from sale of their goods or service.

Producers through the BuyAgric Initiative gain value via engagement in production processes via a community of like minds in business and interactions within the community, opportunity of market linkages are also brokered and is secured.

The rationale behind the BuyAgric Platform stems from the founders direct experience with farmers in kebbi state, Nigeria through his interaction with farmers engaging in the Anchor Borrowers Programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The Birth of the Platform was developed upon discovering smallholder farmers despite their hardwork during production have challenge with the middlemen who eventually smile to the bank.

The People Behind

We are an exclusive team of top agripreneurs, agric enthusiast and digital agricultural communications and technology in Nigeria.

Our Satisfied Members

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